Jan 18, 2014

EPT essay ,Task 2 #1

Topic : Knowledge comes with constructive and destructive power .Do you agree ?

                All men by nature desire knowledge. More than that, knowledge is said to be of profound importance for the well-being of one's soul. As influential as it may sound, knowledge unmistakably counts with both constructive and destructive power,just as any other affairs might have. When used correctly, knowledge could contribute to developing an individual and country at a larger scale but when its is manipulated the other way round, knowledge may served as to satisfy one's greed.

               Knowledge could contribute to one's personal development and grant a passage or any country to achieve advancement especially in economy. Simple rule is apply here: knowledge is the fundamental to everything. For one to achieve success, he or she needs to fully equip himself or herself as journey to success is not always pleasing. Besides strong courage and determination, ample knowledge is needed for anyone to endure the journey to success. Knowledge is also one of the prominent ingredients to elevate a country's economy. With countries all over the world emphasizing on creating K-community( knowledge base community), placing paramount importance on creating knowledge-based society seems to be logical in order to boost the economy of any particular country. Knowledge is in a way needed to a country which in turn results in a smooth flowing of every matters which includes . Thus, knowledge could be say as having constructive power where development of a single individual and country is concern.

                On the other hand, knowledge could also serve as to appease one's greed. Seeing knowledge in that light, it could be considered as possessing destructive power. Indeed, knowledge on its own is natural, but when it is handled by some carefree hands, evil breath, would definitely made its way into such pure source .A reflection of that, could be seen in audit field. For greed of money, gigantic companies with multi million dollar profits turn their revenues to deficit at the manipulative mind of their auditors. They even have the guts to call such rascal act as a financial planning. If nothing is done to stop those so called the financial expert, a countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be badly effected and eventually it will lead to economic downturn. With that something so pure and natural as knowledge could also be manipulated in the execution of an evil plan which in turn lead to colossal damage.

(conclusion tak ada .sbb bro suruh kitorang buat sendiri .heee :P this essay is written by Bro Haddi :) )