Jan 18, 2014

EPT essay Task 2 #2

Topic : Some believe internet can spread rumors while others believe it is an effective medium of communication. Give your opinion.

                   The internet may well be the greatest masterpiece of modern culture, the lion of the century in our information and knowledge based society. Starting out as a military application, it eventually permeated all industries, government, and commerce. It is has spread into the media and publication industries with internet versions of newspaper, books, and much more. These multifaceted applications are making the internet even more powerful. Evidently, its popularity resulted in a diverse mixture of opinions and thoughts for some believe internet is a medium for dissemination of rumors while others are certain that the internet is a forceful medium of communication. Apparently,  there is some degree of truth in both notions.

                   The internet phenomenon has somehow been used as a golden opportunity by some irresponsible netizens to fabricate or disseminate wrong information or rumors. The nature of the internet is such that it is not only awash with information , but also disinformation. The sheer amount of data makes it difficult to differentiate within a two. More often then not, rumors cannot go on sales over the internet than a valid and reliable piece of information. Indeed, the internet has become a stable diet and is known to everyone from different walks of life but not everyone is media-literate. Most of the time, internet users will become the victims of falsified information and this in a way not only affects the person served with such unreliable information to a larger extension, it could threaten national security. In short, as useful as it could be, the internet is a great weapon ready to be use for the spreading of falsified information.

                  On the other hand, the miraculous internet has had a transform national effect on the society as it has opened a new medium of communication for individuals and businesses and provides vistas of opportunities to the things in an entirely different way. A variety of communication tools namely Skype, MSN Messenger, and Google Mail (just name a few) are employed by individual person to stay in touch as well as convey his or her messengers and important information to others living at a far distance. On a similar note, business companies and institution also use these mediums to communicate with their clients and customers. Even better, real time face-to-face communication with someone at a great distance which was once unthinkable, has now become possible. Without the internet  it is almost impossible to have a real time face-to-face interaction with an acquaintance or client breathing a different atmosphere. Therefore the existence of the internet could be said as bringing relieve where communication with people living at far distance is concerned.

                 In Conclusion,  the internet is no doubt a multifaceted application but at the end of the day it depends on how one manipulate this useful tool.