Apr 8, 2014

DIY Crafty : Make your Fan cheerful :)

Entry kali ni maybe tak berapa seronok sangat 
tapi just nak share something cantik and style :)))
This time ,things you need are Fan (stand fan tau ,not ceiling fan ok guys ;) )
and perhaps Acrylic atau Cat dinding lebih (or other wet medium yang long lasting :P )


And make sure not to paint the blade too thick cause it will burden the blade and slow down the fan .
Colours of course laah korang boleh pilih sendiri kan .heee .Done painting the blades.
Then switch on your fan and it turns to Rainbow Fan .
This type of fan suitable put in your children room .yang bawah umur lah .
kalau yang atas umur pun boleh jugak ,kalau diorang nak :P
hehehehe .

Good Luck and Selamat Mencuba ! \(^.^)/