Dec 16, 2012

thanks for the 5 years ,Nadira .

okeyh ,,
bese laa bile bdak dak dah habes skolah buat entry bru ,,
most of them are about memories .
yeah ,,memories .
and ,i  wish to NADIRA ZANURI ,
who was the
 best friend i've ever had .
there is a saying ,

' kawan yang sejati ,adalah kawan yang apabila kita melihat dia ,
kita akan ingat kepada allah .. '
for me ,its u ,NADIRA .

FYI ,,when we distantly apart by our class ,
i was really sad .
our schedule was different and we cannot be together as usual .
and we get new friends .
okay ,,u got new best friend ,i got new best friend .
its fair .
but ,,believe that i am still can't forget u as my friend ,,
thanks ,nad .

thanks for being with me for 5 years ;' )