May 27, 2013


We may fight, and we may cry, 
but my love for you will never die.


May 11, 2013

I Love You in the different way :)

ke hadapan Nur Irdina Ariffah .
Hai !hee ,i dont know why i like to post about you .
hehe ,maybe because u are my sister kan :D
okayy ,first thing i'm really sorry for bullied u .hee :)
then second things ,why i cant be like u .hmm
i feel like u are the best adviser even u are 8 years old now .
and sometimes i feel like ur thought are more matured than me .
*but ,of course me is more clever than u .HAHA :P
okk actually when i did wrong yesterday and it make me feel very scared .
*belive me ,very very very very very scared .
then i went to her and sit beside her .
"Dina ,alang takut .Macam mana  nie ?"
then ,the answers was very soothing .
"Tak apa lah alang ,alang bukan sengaja pun kan .Dina tau alang tak sengaja ."
:') Thanks Dina